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Digital Data Products
Digital parcel and associated cadastral data is available for purchase in ESRI shapefile format.
For a detailed listing of the products we offer click here.    

Paper Map Products
Property maps are available in two scales:

  1. 1" = 400' scale maps (rural areas). Click here to view sample map.
  2. 1" = 100' scale maps (urban and downtown districts). Click here to view sample map.

Property maps are also available in two sizes:

  1. 24" x 36' (large map)
  2. 11" x 17' (mini map)

Property maps can be purchased individually or as a complete set. Complete sets include all maps and indices for a county. Property maps are only available in black and white.

Product Pricing


Purchasing Options
We are pleased to announce that you now have the option of completing your purchase online using your credit or debit card. If this is not your preferred payment method, you also have the option of mailing in an auto-generated purchase order form and check.

To purchase digital and/or paper parcel data products, you must first agree to the terms and conditions of the DISCLAIMER .

Contact Us
If you have any questions about the GIS parcel data products outlined above, please call (615) 401-7773 and refer to "GIS Parcel Data Products".